Worship Team

Our vision as a worship team is to participate in and create an environment that welcomes the presence of God and leads the congregation to draw nearer to Him through music and song. 

Music at St. Philip’s takes place at every age level. We have Kidz Worship twice a month at Kidz Stuff . Kids from grades 4-8 can participate with Missy Nowakowski in leading. There is a high school / middle school band that plays for Hangin’ In on Thursday nights and once a month at Higher Ground. And then we have the weekend worship team.

Here are the opportunities to serve on the Worship Team:
• acoustic guitarists
• electric guitarists
• bass guitarists
• drummers
• percussionists
• keyboard players
• vocalists
• sound team – those who regulate/mix the board, instruments and vocals
• slide team – those who create the slides and those who run the slides during the services

Here are the expectations of being on the Worship Team:
1. Practice 1-2 hours per week, every week whether or not you are playing.
2. Availability
Must be able to play one weekend a month every month.
There cannot be more than 5 weeks in between playing.
Must be available during December, Holy Week and Easter.
3. Must have a devotion time.
4. Attend quarterly meetings.
5. Yearly review.


“I can’t do it because I have no time.”
Most of the worship team plays one weekend a month. We rehearse Saturdays at 3:45pm, run through all the songs and then stay and play the service. You will be back Sunday morning between 9 and 9:15 to do a sound check and correct anything from the night before

“I can’t do it because I have young kids”
If I know a head of time, I can arrange for one of our teenagers to come early and they can watch/play with your kids in the cry room while we rehearse.

“I am not good enough”
You are probably being too hard on yourself. I would like to find out for myself. Come to a rehearsal.

I have sung my whole life, but being here at St. Philip’s and leading God’s people has, by far, been the most rewarding. Consider using the gifts that God has given to you to praise and worship Him!