Director of Worship Arts

To apply for the job send your resume and a cover letter to Vestry members, Michelle Smith and Will Swisher. 

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Corporate worship is a communal response to what God has done for us in and through his Son Jesus.  It opens hearts to the movement of God and the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments.  It is vitally important to the mission of St. Philip’s that our worship be assessable to both believers and pre-Christian people.


The Director of Worship Arts will have a personal faith compatible with an evangelical theology defined by a view of the Bible as authoritative in all matters, and an orthodox view of Christianity.  The Director of Worship Arts will display an eagerness to see people meet Jesus as the only name under heaven and earth by which we might know salvation and redemption.  The Director of Worship Arts will also desire to see the gifts of God’s Holy Spirit manifest in the life of the church.


St. Philip’s Director of Worship Arts leads the worship team at church services and events, planning and executing appropriate musical selection and coordination of technical aspects such as lighting, sound, and media presentation.  The Director of Worship Arts actively collaborates with the Rector and other event coordinators to ensure cohesion in message and recruits new talent and supporting volunteers.  In addition to regularly scheduled worship services, the Director of Worship Arts plans other special worship events throughout the year.  Because we value leadership, leadership development, and team building, recruitment and attention to the Leadership Pipeline is assumed to be an ongoing and constant value.  The Director of Worship Arts is accountable to the Rector of St. Philip’s as well as to the Treasurer on financial matters.


  • Organizes and executes corporate worship services of St. Philip’s in consultation with the Rector and does so with prayer, conceptual forethought, theological accuracy, and musical appropriateness
  • Ensures all musical and technical aspects of the service advance the message for the service
  • Oversees song selection, media preparation and presentation, sound and lighting enhancements, and coordination of all instrumentalists, vocalists, and dramatists. This includes the annual Kidz Kamp outreach.
  • Recruits, leads, and develops a leadership/musical/worship pipeline to deploy in all aspects of ministry among the St. Philip’s ministries: students, worship services, morning prayers, children’s ministry, Kidz Kamp, and weekly service opportunities
  • Organize s regular leadership meetings with the worship team to build and maintain relationships and cohesion
  • Plans and executes special events 2 to 3 times per year, or as requested by the Rector, that provide opportunities to for St. Philip’s members to offer life-changing connections. At least one event should be an evangelistic opportunity.
  • Works with the Treasurer to create and adhere to an annual budget and manage finances within budget
  • Collaborates as a fully functioning member of the staff
  • Other duties as assigned by the Rector


Required:  High school graduate or GED equivalent and relevant training

Preferred:  4-year bachelor’s degree


Required:  1+ years in a worship setting as a Worship Leader or key team member (volunteer experience accepted) and ability to play a musical instrument as part of the Worship Team


  • A genuine love for Jesus
  • Verbal and written communication skills necessary to communicate with various groups including children, parents and guardians, preschool and church staff, and the St. Philip’s congregation and community
  • Time management and organizational skills necessary to appropriately prioritize job duties


  • Regularly attends St. Philip’s Church as a member