Welcome To St. Philip’s-Newcomers Class

Welcome to St. Philip’s is a series of four weekly dinners and discussions where we go over…

  • Who we are
  • What we believe
  • Why we do the things we do

It is also a place for people exploring St. Philip’s to connect in…

  • The Relationship Factor:  It allows you to connect and develop authentic relationships with those in our congregation. You will meet lots of people, many like you, who are looking to build community.
  • The Vision Factor:  You will hear the unique vision God has given St. Philip’s and how we are pursuing that vision. Also, before you decide where to worship on a weekly basis, we think it is critical that you understand what we believe.
  •  The Faith Factor:  Those who have gone through Welcome to St. Philip’s have said it serves as a great catalyst to their spiritual development. We take Jesus out of the stained glass and look at the role He wants to play in your life.

St. Philip’s occurs twice a year: in the fall (typically in October) and in the spring (typically after Easter).  Childcare and dinner are available and FREE!